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Quality Professionals

Hart to Heart Transportation is seeking talented professionals to join our team. Exciting new business opportunities have resulted in openings in all regions. We offer flexible, full-time, part-time and per diem schedules, as well as a friendly, team-oriented atmosphere focused on helping employees achieve success.

The benefits of a career with Hart to Heart:

  • New Hire Orientation — All new team members undergo a comprehensive paid orientation and training designed to prepare new hires for their new positions. 
  • Competitive Pay — Within the medical transportation industry, Hart to Heart offers competitive rates that exceed many salaries in the market.
  • Career/Tuition Advancement Program —Opportunities for advancement are available for team members interested in growing with the Hart to Heart family.  We offer tuition advancement for field team members who want to advance to the next clinical level.  For example: wheelchair van driver to EMT-B, EMT-B to EMT-I, EMT-I to EMT-P, and EMT-P to CCEMT-P.
  • Annual Training — Hart to Heart offers on-site training for various certifications as well as refresher courses and tuition reimbursement for certain courses we do not offer.
  • Uniforms — All new employees are provided with complimentary Hart to Heart uniforms.
  • Paid Time Off — We offer paid time off benefits for full-time employees upon the completion one year of service.
  • Flexible Work Hours — Our team members can elect to work on a full-time, part-time or per diem basis and have the opportunity to make additional pay through overtime and shift pick-ups.
  • Convenient Scheduling — We have web-based scheduling software that enable team members to check their schedules, pick up additional shifts and request time off at their convenience from any personal computer.
  • Vehicles & Equipment — Hart to Heart has an impeccable fleet maintenance program and state-of-the-art equipment providing a safe and comfortable work experience for staff.
  • Health & Retirement Benefits —Team members have access to affordable health, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits. We also provide a dollar for dollar match for 401(K) retirement.
  • Rapid Pay — Employees may request to receive an advance in pay prior to their regular payday when picking up additional shifts. 
  • Open Door Policy — Hart to Heart welcomes ideas and feedback from our staff and customers. We have made significant improvements operationally based on good feedback, and will continue this practice to maintain a high level of employee and customer satisfaction.