Experienced Team

All health care providers are certified or licensed as:

  • EMTB: Emergency Medical Technician Basic
  • EMTI: Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate
  • EMTP: Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic
  • CCEMTP: Critical Care Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic
  • CCRN: Critical Care Registered Nurse
  • Medical Director: A licensed, practicing physician

The professional certification levels achieved by our staff are at a minimum of Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMTB). While all EMT personnel have standardized annual continuing education requirements, Hart to Heart goes one step further by conducting mandatory in-house training seminars for all staff. These seminars are conducted by our senior staff members and certified instructors, who ensure that our professionals remain proficient and up to date on skills and EMS protocols.

Safety...Always a standard, never an option

Safety as a standard

Hart to Heart Transportation is dedicated to Loss Prevention for the safety of its patients and employees. Our Risk and Safety Department ensures safety is at the forefront of our transportation service and instills this standard in our staff. Proactive policy development and revision as well as regular employee safety reminders solidify our commitment to the safest patient care possible. Follow up with facilities, patients and crew members on patient or operational safety concerns, ensures any necessary policy changes are implemented and followed.

Employee screening

Risk reduction begins before an applicant is hired. Each new applicant is subject to pre-employment drug testing and background and driving record checks. After hire, driving records are updated annually, employee state compliance is closely monitored and company-wide random drug and alcohol testing is maintained.

Fleet safety

Each Hart to Heart driver is trained through VFIS and Smith System Driving Program, with his or her driving habits monitored via the on-board Drive Cam recording system to ensure the safety of our crew, our patients and the general public. Safety checks are conducted regularly on all corporate vehicles including: Supervisory Response Units, Wheelchair Transport Units, Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Specialty Care Transport ambulances.

Our 24/7 Dispatch Communication Center communicates safety bulletins on pending inclement weather conditions and road and traffic conditions to remind all personnel to stay alert and to assist in the safe transport of all patients.

Facility input

Hart to Heart Transportation continuously strives to improve its safety and customer service standards and welcomes any suggestions for operational improvements.

Vehicle Maintenance and Safety

Hart to Heart Transportation maintains its own vehicle repair shop with a sister company operating as Statewide Automotive. This state-of-the-art repair facility services the entire fleet of Hart to Heart vehicles ensuring frequent and regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs are provided to maximize safety and reliability and minimize downtime for all units. Staffed by five repair technicians, this facility provides a full spectrum of services from automobiles to full size busses. State-of-the-art diagnostic machines, diesel and refrigerant certified technicians and more, allow this facility to provide unique fleet maintenance, operate as a licensed inspection station, and provide specialized repair and maintenance for all wheelchair lifts and stretchers. Statewide Automotive is a certified cot care center for Ferno and Stryker, and also a certified repair center for both Braun and Ricon lift manufacturers. Visit our website at for more information.

Easy Billing

Fully automated billing services process all primary, secondary and third party insurance claims electronically (HMO's and PPO's pre-authorization required). Hart to Heart Transportation is a licensed provider for ambulance services through Medicare Part B and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and multistate Medicaid providers such as Horizon, Logisticare, DE Physician Care, Keystone, Diamond Choice, Americhoice, Priority Partners, Medical Assistance for various state and county agencies, as well as many other participating carriers.

Our highly skilled billing personnel are certified in ICD-9 coding and specialize in ambulance medical billing. Hart to Heart Transportation is a member of the American Ambulance Association (AAA) receiving continuous compliance updates on regulatory changes for billing practices under Federal law and governmental regulatory agencies. A vigorous annual audit and compliance review is performed by world renowned outside legal counsel Werfel & Werfel of New York, NY 631.582.3283, specializing in Medicare law and compliance for ambulance operators.

For billing inquiries, please contact our sister company, EMS Billing Solutions, at 410-420-9913.

Customer Satisfaction

As a family-owned and operated business, we guarantee the utmost quality patient and family care. Hart to Heart goes one step further, providing a 24-hour dispatch center, servicing clients 7 days a week. With direct access to the local decision makers, Hart to Heart ensures quality customer care and reliable service for all.

Suite of Services and Technology

An advocate for using cutting-edge technology solutions in our daily internal and external operations, Hart to Heart subscribes to Traumasoft. Traumasoft is focused on the design and delivery of hosted, web-based solutions for the emergency medical service industry. Founded in 2006 by EMS and software development professionals, Traumasoft aims to fill the lack of system automation in EMS operations, making EMS operations more efficient, more cost-effective, more customer and employee friendly.

Traumasoft’s integrated approach offers the software solutions in line with Hart to Heart’s focus on operational excellence, including seamless program applications for HR, scheduling, training, fleet management, and more. Hart to Heart manages a variety of systems all through one portal, allowing the team to focus more on evaluating and acting on data, making system improvements and assisting clients with world-class professionalism and care.

C.A.R.E. ® Program

Hart to Heart believes in providing the utmost in quality service, with care and respect to all. This mission not only holds true in patient care, but also translates to the employees at Hart to Heart. Offering incentive and educational programs to employees through the C.A.R.E ® program, Hart to Heart challenges team members to excel with rewards and promotional opportunities for those that go above and beyond for patients and clients in providing superior service – the Hart to Heart way.

The principles of C.A.R.E ® mirror the core values of Hart to Heart as an organization.

C.A.R.E. – Compassion, Attitude, Responsibility, Excellence

  • Compassion – A virtue, the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy for the suffering of others. Compassion is regarded as a cornerstone of social interconnection
  • Attitude – Demonstrating a professional, positive and enthusiastic approach during all daily interactions
  • Responsibility – Ownership of actions; being accountable to Hart to Heart, patients, clients and employees
  • Excellence – Going above and beyond consistently; living the Hart to Heart mission of providing the utmost in prompt, quality service and care with dignity and respect

The C.A.R.E. program also provides an evaluation mechanism for Hart to Heart through patient and client feedback surveys, helping to ensure our quality service standards remain at the highest level in each and every transport and client interaction. We welcome client feedback regularly and often. Click here to evaluate your service experience with Hart to Heart.

Concierge Service

Our Concierge Service offers clients specialty care service for specific or unique needs. Our highly skilled staff provides personalized support and attention, serving as a resource for clients and coordinating client requests in a timely and effective manner.

Hart to Heart’s Concierge Service includes:

  • On or off-site hospital transport coordination
  • Specialty care transportation
  • Unique transports – long distance, reoccurring and aviation requests
  • Complex and critical care – bariatric, dialysis and radiation patients
  • Special requests – VIP and private pay patients
  • Transportation expertise support regarding insurance premiums, benefits package changes, co-pays and deductibles for unique transport requests