Specialty Care Transport Services (SCT) • • •

Specialty Care Transport Services (SCT), also known as Critical Care Transport (CCT), requires a licensed Registered Nurse to assist in acute to acute inter-facility transfers. Specialty/Critical care needs may depend on the state of an emergency situation, types of medication involved, or a patient's individual medical needs.

At Hart to Heart Transportation, our SCT units enable special care transportation for critically ill patients with cardiac, trauma or various other medical or neurological conditions. These transports demand a sophisticated level of service and highly skilled healthcare clinicians.

Our SCT units utilize a high-tech/high-touch approach, creating a compassionate, medically sophisticated critical care environment utilizing state-of-the-art transportation equipment and highly trained critical care technicians.

Our commitment to continual education and training has helped Hart to Heart Transportation develop a top-quality critical care team. Certified in the tri-state area as a Specialty Care Transport company, Hart to Heart Transportation is committed to excellence.