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The Hart to Heart Story...Beginning Beat...

Founded on September 27, 1996, Hart to Heart Transportation, Inc., began with three employees and one unit providing BLS transport services at a rate of 16 transports per month. Today, under the direction of Jason and Terry Skidmore, we employ over 350 professional staff, maintain 80 road units providing approximately 69,000 transports annually. We are licensed to provide medical transportation services, EMS, handicapped/disabled transportation, and wheelchair and sedan services in Maryland and Delaware, as well as paratransit services throughout New Castle County, Delaware.

Our Management Team

Hart to Heart employs management with various and extensive levels of expertise in all forms of commercial and public transportation. Our senior leadership team boasts over 50 combined years in the transportation industry, ranging from our staple business—commercial ambulance operations—to transportation brokerage, paratransit and sedan services, finance, billing, risk management and dispatch operations. Hart to Heart provides a highly qualified leadership team driven to see high clinical outcomes. Hart to Heart's key to success is experience and stability with a leadership team working together for many years with the same common goal in mind, clinical excellence.

Our Field Professionals

Hart to Heart Transportation employs over 350 professional staff. We believe the heart of our success stems from the dedication and commitment of our professional staff and the enjoyment of working as part of the successful Hart to Heart team. We are proud of our professional staff and reputation, including individuals with extensive experience and certifications, many with 20 to 40 years in the ambulance or transportation industry. Most of our professionals are active members in the volunteer fire companies within their respective communities. We believe this volunteering spirit reflects an enjoyment for their work itself and a dedication to providing the quality service that Hart to Heart is known for.